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"We all have natural intuitive abilities! Together, you and I will tap into these abilities in a safe manner, harnessing this unlimited guidance," Nora Truscello


Learn to Leverage the Power of Intuition! Best-selling author and international speaker on intuition takes the mystery out of intuitive insights. Nora mainstreams intuition by demonstrating how it enhances our creativity and performance. 

Retrieve Accurate Insights in 5 Weeks

  • Don't miss another message


  • Be able to trust your intuitive insights 


  • Help those in need -

    safely and confidently


  • Get clear answers when you ask


  • Remove the blocks that prevent accurate messages


  • Break the myth -


Release Your Spirit

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In 5 Weeks you will: 

    • Be able to fully trust your intuitive insights

    • Learn to insure your intuitive answers are accurate

    • Experience feeling and reading energy from people, pets, plants and more

    • Discover a powerful method to strengthen your chakras and energy systems

    • Learn how to access accurate intuitive insights anytime, anywhere, even with distractions

    • Learn to set parameters avoiding messages you do not wish to receive

    • Numerous Exercises to practice your skills

    • Video Tuitorials Completely downloadable so you have them forever

    • Audio Downloads and more

    Participants Love

    Nora's Methods

    Susheel Kamotram, PMP

    Chartered Engineer (Civil) India; MBA (Construction Business)
    Author of Book "Universal Face Theory", a theory of happiness
    Founder & CEO of Mezbahn (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

    Nora illuminated our intuitive experience...

    with a wonderful guided meditation experience where all us participants at International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology, could connect and feel the energy. I am really glad and feel blessed to get connected with her.

    Intuition is a very interesting subject field which goes beyond the realm of the five senses coupled with our perceptions, emotions, and thoughts. Nora's presentation reflected her strong grasp and mastery of the subject. And when there are similarities in the mission to make people's lives better, the Universe will weave a pattern that will knit all those ideas within the circle of life."

    Constance Scharff, Phd

    Author of

    Meeting God at Midnight and Ending Addiction for Good

    Internationally recognized speaker on addition



    Nora Truscello is "the real deal."

    In her presentations, she discusses healing and finding purpose from an experiential perspective, giving listeners and audience members insight into tapping into their own intuitive potential. Nora is uplifting and engaging, encouraging others to open themselves to the possibility of hearing their own intuition and following those inner voices that lead us to better lives. I was thrilled to engage with Nora in a conference setting and encourage others to reach out to her if they want to learn more about intuition as a guiding force in our lives.





    Access your higher self in this 5 week online course

    Have Divine guidance at your fingertips

    Address your own questions fast

    • Health Issues

      You could access your own energy at a level that will keep you informed of your body. 

    • Life Purpose

      Tune into your life's purpose, receive direction and guidance. 

    • Relationships

      Undertand your partner and family members on a higher level, opening communication. 

    • Financial and Career

      Guidance is within for all your financial and work concerns. 

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